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Last Updated: November 2018

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Dear client

If you still didn’t decide how to plan your trip to Ukraine, we offer to meet with BridgeMatchmaker services. We’ll care that you trip will be safe and interesting and your date - romantic and unforgettable. We’re sure that with our help you can find your happiness!

The choice is yours:

Accompanying person

During the tour you have a free time and you do not know what to do. Then you have the opportunity to order Accompanying service What does it mean?

Perhaps you are the first time in our country and it is interesting for you not only to find your love, but also to get closer to the new country.

With employee of our website, you get not only a person who will introduce you to a new city, but also help you with such requests as shopping, exchanging cash, choosing souvenirs and so on.

We offer the company of our team, and you will not be bored in the hotel room, while you have no dates.


We care about the safety of every our client customer who comes to Ukraine. It is important that you not only find happiness with our help, but also feel safe throughout your trip.

Rent a car during your stay in the country

Renting a car with a driver is not only safe movement around the city, but also the opportunity to visit the most interesting places of a new city. You will not worry about travel problems during your trip

Transfer from the airport to the hotel

We will meet you with a sign in the waiting room of the terminal, help you bring your luggage to the taxi. You will not be in a rush to find where is the taxi in the crowd, look for the taxi with a driver who speaks English or worry if he can bring you to your hotel for a real price. You do not need to dial using international roaming and find out where the car is!

Accommodation at 3 star or 4 star Hotels

With the help of this service you can meet with any girl from any city of Ukraine . And you do not need to worry about such a question as accomodation while staying in our country. We have foreseen this and want to offer a hotel reservation service. You can choose any room from 3 and 4 star hotels with BB that you like more.

Booking railway tickets

If it is interesting for you not only to get acquainted closer with the girl to whom you came for a date, but also with the country and its culture, book any tickets through our service. We will help to make your trip interesting, find a ticket for you in any direction, and if you wish, we will advise you the route of your trip.

Excursion and sightseeing

If you haven’t been to Ukraine before or you’re interested in finding out more about the girl’s city, our team will organize exciting excursions for you and your girlfriend and show not only the beauty of our girls, but also the beauty of our cities, traditions and culture

With the help of our service, you can choose any entertainment, and we will do everything so that you get the most positive emotions.

  • excursion to popular city places
  • meet with Ukrainian traditions
  • museum, exhibitions
  • quest rooms
  • wine tastings
  • zoo, dolphinarium
  • horse clubs
  • night clubs and cafes

We offer both walking tours and bus tours of the most famous places.Just choose what you like the most


Our team offers you professional translation services so that your communication with the girl does not end only on the first date. We do not want your first date become a boring pastime when you do not even understand how to start a conversation.

You will work with a person who does not just translate into another language, but a person who will help create a connection between you and your girlfriend. Of course, you can choose girls with a good knowledge of the language, but how can you be sure that among these girls there will be one who can win your heart.

You can choose for yourself what you can get and how the success of your search can increase by using the service of our professional translators.

Matchmaker Advice

Our aim is that our clients remain satisfied and get maximum positive emotions both on the site and in real communication on our site there is a service. By ordering this service you get advice from a professional matchmaker at any stage of your relationship with a lady. Our employee acquaints you with the culture of the country, with the peculiarities of relationship with a Ukrainian girl, and assist you if there is difficulties or misunderstandings in relations with your girlfriend.

Help in choosing a gift for a lady

Each girl loves to receive not only attention from her man, but also nice gifts. If you want to win the heart of your girlfriend and show her that you really like her, we will help you with the choice of a special gift for her. We will take into account not only your capabilities, but also your girl’s wish. We are sure that the gift chosen with our help will leave a special impression in the heart of your girlfriend.

Unexpected Date

You travel to Ukraine with the sincere hope that you will meet here the woman of your dreams, with whom you can start a family and live a happy life with her. However, the search for happiness sometimes takes a long time, not one or two days. Not everyone is lucky to fall in love at first sight. But don’t be disappointed ,if a date with your girlfriend failed and for various reasons your decided not to meet with her anymore. Our professional matchmakers will introduce you to other beautiful girls by your search criteria and you may be able to find your love among them. Choosing the services of our site, your arrival will never be in vain!

Transfer for a lady from another city

We will inform the girls which city you are inviting her in, and also take care of all the nuances so that the lady’s trip to you will be quick and safe

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To make the right choice, we suggest you study the section with frequent questions from customers who have already ordered our services.

1. If I choose 1 service which I think I’ll need and after a while I regret, can I remove it from the list? If yes, until when?

If during the selection of services that we offer you have any questions or doubts, you can always contact us and we will answer your questions and help you to choose the range of services in which you will not hesitate.At the moment you arrive in Ukraine, we have exactly understand what services you order.

2. I must to buy the flight tickets through your website or I can find it on my own?

We apologize, but we do not order air tickets, as well as other tickets outside the territory of Ukraine.We only provide such service as online communication, acquaintance and also assistance in organizing a real meeting with the girls of our website.

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